5 Reasons why you should register on Bargains Finder, Cornwall.

You are probably wondering why register on Bargains Finder? We all know how exhausting it is to to continuously having to advertise your business or products. You are already showcasing yourself on Ebay, Amazon, Etsy, Tripadvisor running campaigns on Wowcher and GroupOn and you can’t see the point. Yes, we understand your point of view, so here are some reasons which may convince you:

  1. Unlike our competition Bargains Finder is local based, so you are supporting a local business just like yours. Our aim is to encompass not only VAT registered businesses but also individuals and sole traders on one platform.
  2. We keep our overheads low and we charge lower commissions. Our commission structure varies between 3% to a maximum of 10% per sale. This means that a sale through Bargains Finder will leave you with more money in your bank account.
  3. On our platform you can advertise a variety a products and services. When becoming a vendor on Bargains Finder you are not limited to selling only one type of product. As your business expands you can use the same vendor account to publish your new business ventures. You can sell products, advertise your services or holiday accommodation and customers can find all of these by visiting your personalized web-store.
  4. We have no registration fees or membership fees. We believe in a no win no fee policy, therefore when you sell a product or a service you get paid and we get paid too. Bargains Finder bears all platform and running costs and will not charge you for posting your product.
  5. We have video tutorials with step by step instructions for every type of product available. You can see these by visiting our extensive FAQ page. We also have a YouTube channel with updated tutorials.

We hope these five key reasons were enough to convince you to register on our platform. If they did the trick please register as vendor today.

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