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The idea for Bargains Finder started as an attempt to find a solution to a recurring problem in Cornwall. Having lived in the capital for some time with everything at our fingertips, returning to Cornwall was a bit of shock. Do not get us wrong! The only shock we had was the lack of a platform for the area to advertise services, businesses and products for sale. The most popular way of doing this is currently through Facebook groups. It does get some exposure however having to scroll endlessly through posts when looking to buy a specific item was a nightmare.


That is how the idea for Bargains Finder came about. We wanted to create a user friendly means for sellers to advertise and for customers to buy. For a marketplace to work and be user friendly must have two main things: a search box and the capability of using filters to narrow down the search. Nobody wants to spend hours of their day going from advert to advert to find what they want and need. Time is crucial in this day and age.


Another issue which we wanted to cover was the ability to pay online for purchases. Generally people tend to use their debit cards and in emergency situations their credit cards. Having to buy a car or pay for services with cash tends to be a deterrent for the consumers. UK Finance reported that cash transactions dropped by 15% whilst debit card transactions rose by 14%. What does this mean for your cash only business? It means that 15 out of every 100 customers did not return to use your services due to the lack of payment options.

What does this mean for businesses and individual traders ?

As a cash only business posting on Bargains Finder means you do not have to change your ways of working. You can still accept only cash at your premises. You do not have to get a pay point and incur extra charges with the bank however your customers can pay through our platform and we transfer the money to your bank account or Stripe account.

What does this mean for customers?

Customers can pay for the services they want and like, supporting local businesses, not just with cash but also with a debit or credit card. They can book or buy your products on Bargains Finder, pay online and either receive their items or show up to collect.

What does this mean on the long run?

In a few words: more customers. Providing more payment options increases your customer base. Furthermore, you are no longer limited to the local population but get exposure nation wide and to the thousands of people visiting Cornwall every year.

The Bargains Finder Team

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