[accordion title=”FAQ”]

[accordion-item title=”How do I sign up?”]

Click on Login/Register.

In the Pop up box type your email and hit register to subscribe to our weekly offers.

If you want to become a vendor click to link ‘Become a vendor’ an fill in the form.

[accordion-item title=”How to register as a vendor and set up my online store?”]

[accordion-item title=”How to set up my store’s shipping?”]

Please note your store’s shipping will apply to all products in your store. Any charge you add for shipping will automatically add VAT when calculating the total charge. There are three tutorial below explaining how to set up either free shipping, local pick up, adding extra charges for shipping per additional product, setting up a minimum spend which automatically would apply a free shipping deal and last but not least shipping by weight. It worth noting that if you ship by weight all products in your shop must have their weight added.

Free shipping and local pick up:

Charging for shipping, for additional products and have a minimum spend which allows free shipping:

Charging for shipping based on weight:

[accordion-item title=”How do I reset my password?”]

Click on “Login/Register” then click on  “Lost Your Password”. Enter your username or email and click on “reset password”. You will receive an email with a link and you will be able to reset your password and access your account.

[accordion-item title=”Do you allow guest checkout?”]

Yes, you can checkout as a guest. We do recommend to create an account as this would enable future orders to become much faster and simpler.

[accordion-item title=”Will I be charged any fees for making a purchase?”]

You, the buyer, will not be charged any admin fees by Bargains Finder. However, you are responsible for all other related charges and taxes (including shipping and other charges set up by the individual seller) related to the purchase including and not limited to charges invoiced by the seller, freight forwarders or by the tax authorities.

[accordion-item title=”How do I check my order status?”]

Login to your account and see the orders tab. Also when the seller updated the status of your order an email will be automatically sent to your registered email address.

[accordion-item title=”How do I make a credit/debit card payment?”]

Click the shopping cart on the top menu bar. After selecting the items that you want to checkout, fill in your delivery details which include your name, notification email, contact number and delivery address. If you are using an account, these details should already be pre-populated for you. Fill in the payment details and click “Pay now”. Once the payment is done, you will have a successful payment screen with your order details and order ID number.

[accordion-item title=”Are the credit/debit card payments safe?”]

Bargains Finder or the vendors selling through our platform do not store nor handle any credit card details. Our PCI level 1 compliant partners hold all your financial data securely; no one can access it, not even us!

[accordion-item title=”How do I know that my online payment is secure?”]

Bargains Finder uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology which ensures that all connections on our platform server remain encrypted. This explains why the website address begins with “https” instead of “http”. This ensures all information you send using our platform will be encrypted. Please click the “padlock” icon on the web browser for more details on the security certificate. Bargains Finder also do not store any credit card details and payments are processed through Stripe. Our PCI level 1 compliant partners hold all your financial data securely; no one can access it, not even us!

[accordion-item title=”Can I cancel my order and get a refund?”]

All sales made on Bargains Finder are considered to be final and binding. Thus we do not accept any order cancellations once the order has been paid. Please contact the seller directly if you need to have your order cancelled. It is up to the seller’s discretion whether he/she will allow a cancellation and provide a full refund excluding any transaction fees that have already been incurred. In addition, do note that the admin fee collected by the Bargains Finder is a fixed commission for facilitating a sale and thus will not be refunded. However, in rare cases where the actual item has significant discrepancies from the item description or is undelivered, please refer to our dispute policy below.

[accordion-item title=”I did not receive my item, what am I supposed to do?”]

If you did not receive an item, you need to make a report to the seller by contacting him/her directly. The seller should address your concern and provide updates on the delivery of the item and its tracking information. If you find that the seller’s response is unsatisfactory, Bargains Finder will step in to mediate. You should always communicate through the admin so that you will be protected by our Terms of Service.

[accordion-item title=”The item condition has significant discrepancies from what was stated in the item description. Am I able to get a refund?”]

If there are any significant discrepancies in the item, you should contact the seller directly. The seller will address your concern and offer a solution, such as offering a replacement or trading for another item.

If both you and the seller have agreed on returning the item, you should take note of the following.

You must return the item in the exact same condition in which it was received.

It is your responsibility as the buyer to pay for the return cost of shipping.

You, as the buyer, need to pay for any customs charges incurred on the returned item.

If you are unsatisfactory with the resolution provided by the seller, you can request Bargains Finder to mediate for you. As part of the mediation process, the admin will review the chat history, item description, photos of the item provided by both you and the seller, and any other information about the item that you and the seller have provided. You should always communicate through the admin so that you will be protected by our Terms of Service.

[accordion-item title=”How do I sign up as a seller?”]

Simply click on the “VENDOR REGISTRATION FORM’ tab on the top menu bar.

  1. Fill in your profile details
  2. An agent will review and your account and approve it.
  3. A confirmation email will be sent with a link. Go through the set up wizard.

Congratulations, you are now a seller on Bargains Finder and can start uploading your items.

[accordion-item title=”How do I sell something on Bargains Finder?”]

We recommend using the floating button ‘add a product’ which you can find on the bottom right corner of every page in your dashboard.

  1. Select type of product : Simple , variable, external, rent-able or appoint-able.
  2. Set your price (including tax if available) and a sale price if you want to provide a discount. You can also use the schedule button to add a discount for a specific period of time.
  3. Choose categories and insert tags (tags help people find your product)
  4. Insert a featured image and gallery images.
  5. Add a short description and a longer description of the product. The short description shows in the shop gallery page. The long description shows when customers click on your product. DO NOT add media using the button ‘add media’ on the description tabs. If you do they will show under description tab instead of the gallery.
  6. SKU – optional. Tick ‘manage stock’ if you only want to sell a limited number of items. Tick ‘sold individually’ if you want customers to be able to purchase only one item. If you want them to be able to purchase more than one leave unchecked.
  7. Shipping – select processing time (how long until you can post item).
  8. Select tax – please note that the price you originally set up includes the tax.
  9. Attributes – We have already set up some attributes however you can also add your own.
  10. Up-sells – recommend more expensive products from your shop which relate to the one you are posting
  11. Cross -sells – recommend similar products of the same range and price from your shop.
  12. Add-ons – you can create your own customs rules and charges for each listing. Always tick Global Addon Exclusion to ensure that unrelated charges are not applied to your listing. As a platform we will try and make everything as easy as possible so we may insert general addons.
  13. Product policies – These are your terms and conditions. If you have already set these up when setting up the store then the fields should be pre-populated. If not you can set thm up here however it means you will have to set these up every time you post a product.
  14. Enable reviews to build your credibility with your customer base and add any notes you may wish to send to the customer upon purchasing your product.
  15. Click draft at any time to save and continue your listing at a later time or submit if you are happy with your listing.

We always recommend to test your product as a buyer to ensure all the info you’ve entered is correct. If you need any help do not hesitate to send us an email. Just use the email icon on the top right of our website.

[accordion-item title=”What kind of products can I sell on Bargains Finder?”]

You can sell anything from used items, original documents (i.e books you have written, student notes etc. – you must have the legal right to distribute these), you can let your holiday home or cabin, you can have people book your coursers or services.

You can sell just about anything as long as it is not illegal or against our Terms and Conditions.

Please check our T&C by clicking here!

[accordion-item title=”What is a simple product?”]

A simple product can be a physical item or a virtual downloadable one. It is either one of a kind with no variations or options that the customers can choose from.

For example you are selling your own car. You only have one for sale therefore it is a simple product.

Also it could be that you want to sell your downloadable pdf book or other pdf documents. These also are simple products as they have no variations.

Let’s say you have 10 T-shirts all white and all the same size. This again would be a simple product listing.

[accordion-item title=”How can I add a simple product?”]

Follow this link for video instructions:

[accordion-item title=”What is a variable product?”]

A variable product is product which allows customers to choose options such as colour, size and other variables.

This type of listing is a bit more complicated than then simple product listing. For example , let’s assume you have 20 T-shirts in stock all size L but in different colours. This would be a variable product. It means you would give your customers the ability to choose which colour they want. It does not matter you charge the same price irrespective of the colour, it is still a variable product.

The same applies in a situation where you would have 20 T-shirts , in three colours and three sizes. You want to give your customers the ability to choose which size and which colour they want fom the start.

[accordion-item title=”How do I create a variable product listing?”]

Follow this link for video instructions:

Go to your Dashboard and click the floating ‘add a product’ button. It has the shape of a box and you should find it on the bottom right corner of the screen. We recommend this as it is a step by step method of listing a product.

  1. From the drop-down menu select Variable Product.
  2. Insert product title – what are you selling ?
  3. Click Next – and select categories where your product should be listed. Type a couple of tags, or keywords, that best fit your product.
  4. Click Next – Gallery – add an image that best represents your product. You can add more than one and your product will have its own gallery. Products with images sell better.
  5. Click Next – add a short description – this will show in the shop gallery page. It should consist of key features of your product. Add a description – this is a longer description for customers to read additional information about your product. The long description is visible on the product page only. DO NOT add media (photos or videos) using the ‘add media’ button on the description tab. If you do the pictures will show in the description tab instead of the gallery tab.
  6. Click Next – Inventory: here you can manage your inventory. SKU is optional. Do not click manage stock at this stage.
  7. Click Next – Shipping – select processing time. you also have the option of overriding shipping settings for your shop here. You can set up a lower price for every second item purchased.
  8. Click Next – Tax – set up your tax rates. This is for invoice purposes only. It does not add anything to the prices you set up.
  9. Click Next- Attributes – There are already predefined attributes (size and colour which are the most used in the marketplace). Tick the categories you wish to add. From each category you can add attributes suitable to your stock. For example if you have black and red  T-shirts sizes S, M and L: tick the colour box and add the black and red options. Then click the size category and add the Small, Medium and Large options. These options will be available to your customers. You can also add your own attributes as long as these are in the correct category. If you need additional categories you can create your own.
  10. Click Next – Variations – Click the blue arrow and the options will be revealed. Here you can set your prices per variation.Select first variation; let’s say Small. Select second category: red. Click ‘Enable’, click ‘Manage Stock’. Type how many T-shirts you have in stock with these attributes. Set up your price. You can have different prices for each variation. To add further variations : scroll down and click the small blue plus icon on the bottom right corner under the description tab. Another from like the one before will open. Follow the same instructions as above ensuring that all variations are covered. You can set up a different price for each variation. You can also add images to showcase specific variations.
  11. Click Next – Up-sells – recommend similar prices but of a higher end. Cross-sells – recommend similar items of the same price range or items which complement the purchase.
  12. Click – Next – Add-ons – lets you set up additional charges and rules. Nor recommended for Variable products.
  13. Click – Next – Product policies – if you already set up your terms and conditions when setting up the store these fields should be populated. If not you can do it here however it also means you have to fill these in every time you post a listing.
  14. Click Next – Advanced – Always enable reviews. This will allow you to gain credibility with your customers. Also you can add a note which will be automatically sent to your customers when they are making a purchase.
  15. Click ‘Submit’ and done ! Ta da ! You’ve posted your first variable product on Bargains Finder! Good luck!

[accordion-item title=”How do I create a rental product?”]

One property, one fixed price, available to book all year round:

[accordion-item title=”How do I create a rental product with variable pricing?”]

Variable pricing or seasonal prices:

[accordion-item title=”How can I block certain dates on a rental product?”]

Block dates on your rental listing:

[accordion-item title=”How do I create an appointable product?”]

For video instructions please follow this link:

Go to Dashboard and use the floating ‘add a product’ button.

  1. On the drop down menu select ‘apointable product’. Insert the title of your service and add a price and a sale price if available. Click Next.
  2. Taxonomies – select category and add some tags with a commas in between. Tags are very important. These should be key word to describe your service and your location. Click Next.
  3. Image Gallery – Add a picture which best represents your service. Click on the box and upload it from your computer. Please ensure you have the right to publish this picture or it is royalty free. You can add more than one picture.  Click Next
  4. Content – Add a short description. We recommend using either short sentences or bullet points to describe your service. Add a long description in the next tb. Here you can definitely go with the flow and sell your service. VERY IMPORTANT – DO NOT add media using the ‘add media’ tab in the description box. The pictures will show under description instead the product gallery. Click Next
  5. Appointable –
    1. The duration tab refers to the duration of the meeting.You can choose between minutes, hours, days, months.
    2. Interval tab – select the time slots you wish to make available. Every hour? Every 30 minutes or maybe every 20 minutes. Depending on your needs.
    3. Padding time – how much time do you need in between meetings? For example if you add 1 hour in between meetings it means that if someone books the 1PM slot your next customer cannot book 2PM but he is directed to the 3PM slot.
    4. Lead time – how much time do you need before a client schedules an appointment? If your services are available immediately then leave to 0. This means they can book you straight away. However if you have, for example a course or a class which is due to start in 1 week, just add 1 week.
    5. Scheduling window – this refers to the length of your calendar. If you are offering and ongoing service you can leave it for 12 months or shorten it to 6. If you have a course which only lasts 1 month change that to 1 month.
    6. We do not recommend using the requires confirmation and can be cancelled options. If an appointment needs to be confirmed by you it means the customer cannot make a payment immediately. After you confirm the booking they will have to login again to pay. From our experience many sales are lost in a matter of seconds. If your terms and conditions state that the customer can cancel before of specific period of time then please use this option. Click Next.
  6. Pricing tab – Always click the custom pricing rule, otherwise the system will automatically make the global settings available for your services- this mean your calendar will show you are available 24 hours/day. From the drop down select what options work best for you. We recommend you always choose date range with time. This would enable you to add different periods and availability for certain weeks. Ensure you add the time when your course starts and when it ends. Click Next
  7. Availability tab- Here you can add availability or restrict it. Let’s say you are running a yoga class where you can fit 10 people in the room every hour. Select again from the drop down menu : date range with time, select the time range, add capacity (how many people can you see per time slot), appointable leave to yes or change to no in order to block the availability for the dates selected. Click Next.
  8. Staff tab – skip this as we are not opening these options yet. Click Next
  9. Inventory – How many orders can one person make? Minimum order must be 1 and maximum order you may decide. If it is class where people may want to bring their friends along than up the number to fit you needs. Click Next
  10. Shipping – no need to do anything here. Click Next
  11. Tax tab – select what applies to you. This is mainly for your end for tax purposes. The price you insert at the beginning is considered to have tax included. Click Next
  12. Attributes – no need to do anything here as the tab is used for physical products. Click Next
  13. Linked: upsells and crossells add if needed. Click next
  14. Add-ons – you can create custom charges here. It is not a tab usually used for appointable products. It could be used for example if you have a tour, you could have an add on for an interpreter for an added cost. Click Next
  15. Product policies – these are your terms and conditions. If you have set these up when running the set up wizard then these fields should be already filled in. Click Next
  16. Advanced Tab- leave the review box checked. It helps gain the trust of your customer base and feel free to add any additional message to be sent to the customer when booking. Click Submit.

Ta Da! All done!

Always go and check your listing to ensure you have correctly set up the price and criteria for booking.

[accordion-item title=”Multiple services only one calendar. How to post multiple appointment products under one calendar.”]

If you are Jack of all trades here is how to create and charge per skill and never get double booked:

[accordion-item title=”What is the withdraw button for?”]

Payments are not automatically disbursed to your bank account or Stripe account as this a manual process. You must ask for a withdrawal of commissions earned by using this feature.

[accordion-item title=”How do I get paid?”]

Payments are not automatically disbursed to your bank account or Stripe account as this a manual process. You must ask for a withdrawal of commissions earned by using the withdraw button in your vendor dashboard. This option becomes available 7 days after you have marked the order as completed. All withdrawal requests are processed on every Thursday of every week.

[accordion-item title=”Why do you charge for withdrawals?”]

We have to charge for withdrawals as we get charged by third party suppliers in order to provide this feature on our website. We transfer the charge of 2% to you  and ad £1.00 per withdrawal as an administration fee. Again this process is not automatic, it is a manual procedure. We do hope in time to negotiate better rates and remove this commission completely.

[accordion-item title=”Stripe states that a transfer has been submitted, but I have not received the money in my bank account yet. Should I be worried?”]

Stripe can submit transfers every day, but most banks will only process the transfer on business days. This means that if Stripe sent you money on a holiday or a weekend, you will probably only receive the money in your bank account on the next day that your bank is open. For transfers sent on business days, you should receive the money by the next day.

If the transfer was submitted on a business day and you don’t receive the money in your bank account within a couple of days, this probably means that the transfer has failed.

Banks take 3-5 business days to inform Stripe about transfers that failed to go through, at which time Stripe will e-mail you about the issue and how to fix it. 

[accordion-item title=”Can I denote my items in another currency?”]

No, unfortunately not. The current default currency on Bargains Finder is GBP, and we do not accept any other currencies at this point in time. Do set up your Stripe account in United Kingdom and configure the currency in Stripe as GBP. If not, you might incur additional charges arising from foreign exchange differences between GBP and the currency in your Stripe account. 

[accordion-item title=”What items are prohibited on Bargains Finder?”]

This policy is part of our Terms of Use . By selling on Bargains Finder, you are agreeing to this policy and our Terms of Use. 

Bargains Finder requires all sellers and users to abide by the laws of England and Wales.

 Bargains Finder does not allow any listing that through images or descriptions facilitate or promote illegal acts when applied under a specific context. 

Bargains Finder expects all users to only list items that are legal. All items must not present legal risks to our community, be inconsistent with Bargains Finder values or harmful to our members. 

[accordion-item title=”Why is my product deleted/banned?”]

If any product does not adhere to the product policies in our terms of use, Bargains Finder reserves the right to delete/ban it to maintain a comfortable environment for all users. 

[accordion-item title=”Where can I find any video tutorials for using the vendor’s dashboard?”]

You would usually find all our tutorials on the FAQ page. We aim to keep these updated, however all the tutorials are posted on our YouTube channel.

You can also check out our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter.



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