How to start a mobile hairdressing business

mobile hairdressing business

The most important issue before starting a mobile hairdressing business you must be a hairdresser. How to become a hairdresser or a barber There are three ways of qualifying as a hairdresser. Become an apprentice in a salon. Being an apprentice means you can learn the trade and also make money. You get to spend […]

New selling platform dedicated to Cornwall, United Kingdom

Bargains Finder - Promoting Cornwall. Going live 15th April 2019.

This press release has been published on PrLog Why Cornwall and not the UK? Cornwall is a vibrant county in SW England. The South Coast is also known as the Cornish Riviera with its charming villages whilst the North Coast is very famous for its surfing spots. The main industries active in the county are […]

Bargains Finder in Cornwall

How did Bargains Finder came about? What solutions are we bringing to the table.

Problem The idea for Bargains Finder started as an attempt to find a solution to a recurring problem in Cornwall. Having lived in the capital for some time with everything at our fingertips, returning to Cornwall was a bit of shock. Do not get us wrong! The only shock we had was the lack of […]

5 Reasons why you should register on Bargains Finder, Cornwall.

Bargains Finder: here to promote Cornwall

You are probably wondering why register on Bargains Finder? We all know how exhausting it is to to continuously having to advertise your business or products. You are already showcasing yourself on Ebay, Amazon, Etsy, Tripadvisor running campaigns on Wowcher and GroupOn and you can’t see the point. Yes, we understand your point of view, […]